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For as long as I can remember, I've been a happy person. I believe that I was gifted with a wonderful life, but I've also kept my happiness through times of personal loss, financial hardships and massive struggle. Countless people have told me throughout my life that I have “something special” – that my happiness is contagious, that around me rooms light up with happiness and joy.
I”ve always shrugged that off and just figured “that's nothing special”, that's how I am. I never figured I could do anything with this gift.

As a business person, I've helped countless businesses change and grow. And while over the years the idea that maybe helping people to change and to live a happy life would be something wonderful, I always rejected the idea. Silly. Childish.

But the topic of happiness kept coming up in my life. And kept coming up. And kept coming up. So after long back and forth, I decided to put my doubts (“Who would even be interested hearing about that?” – “That's ridiculous, people are going to laugh about you” – etc.) aside and approach the topic in a serious and structured manner, using the professional knowledge I had in helping organizations to change – after all, all that companies are nothing but people (even though a lot of business leaders don't seem to get that).

So I started studying happiness, I talked to people who could be considered incredibly happy, and I started looking for patterns. And what I found was that while there is no “secret” to happiness – and while what “happiness” means is a very individual thing – there are common traits that happy people share. So I started collecting this information, looking for the common thread that runs throgh these people's life.

And because I think this knowledge should reach as many people as possible, I founded this page, UnlimitedHappiness.com.

“My vision is to change peoples lives and build a happier world, one person at a time –

by empowering people to pursue and create a life and future that brings them happiness and fulfillment.”

I am happily married to a wonderful daughter, we have 2 beautiful daughters (with a third one one the way) and we live in one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.